Hospice of the West Partners with Turn-Key Health, Brings First Predictive Analytics and Platform to Deliver Community-Based Palliative Care in Maricopa County, Arizona

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hospice of the West, a leading community-based Hospice and Palliative Care organization in Maricopa County, Arizona, announces its partnership with Turn-Key Health, the market leader in advanced illness population health management. Hospice of the West is committed to serving individuals living with life-limiting illnesses, and providing ongoing support to their loved ones. This collaboration aligns community-based palliative care providers with Medicare ACO and Medicare Advantage plans and beneficiaries through technology and process to solve the problem of poor quality, low satisfaction and extreme high cost during the last 18 months of life.

Dr. Ken Cable, medical director, Hospice of the West, underscores the importance of this partnership for Maricopa County. “As the first and only hospice organization in the region to offer such advanced capabilities, we are now empowered with predictive analytics to identify beneficiaries who may receive overly aggressive care, which compromises the quality of their remaining life. This solution provides much needed support, education, and care coordination.”

Hospice of the West can now accomplish the triple-aim in healthcare by engaging with these member populations more effectively: improving the patient experience of care and satisfaction; improving population health; and reducing healthcare cost.

Greer Myers, president, Turn-Key Health, says, “Turn-Key Health is grounded in clinical and financial models that demonstrate that four percent of Medicare patients annually will experience greater than $24,000 in avoidable excess care. This $20 billion spend on suboptimal care presents a significant opportunity to increase patient and caregiver satisfaction, improve quality of care and decrease healthcare expense.”

About Turn-Key Health

Turn-Key Health, an affiliate of Enclara Pharmacia, is an end-of-life population health management company that aligns payers, community-based palliative care providers, and members through technology and process to solve the problem of poor quality, low satisfaction, and extreme high cost during the last years of life. Visit http://www.turn-keyhealth.com.


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