Whatever you are feeling, whether you are coping well or not, your hospice family is still here, thinking of you, wishing you well and hoping that you find clarity, peace and meaning in your loss.

Our bereavement program is available for continued grief support for 13 months after a patient’s death and onward, if the bereaved desires. As the months progress after a loved one’s death, the bereavement staff will call to offer grief support. Family members and other loved ones will receive mailings, which will include a newsletter and supportive literature about grief, loss and healing. The bereaved will also be informed of local grief workshops and support groups in their area. A special memorial/remembrance service is held annually for all the family members and loved ones to attend.

Bereavement program services include:

  • Support groups
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Support calls
  • Mailings with supportive literature
  • Specialized referrals of local community workshops and support groups if bereaved resides in another state
  • Annual memorial/remembrance service