Your Hospice of the West (HOW) team would like to reassure you that everyone’s health and safety are our highest priorities. HOW is following the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Arizona Department of Health Services.  We are taking every precaution to safeguard our patients, families and staff.  Thank you for working with Hospice of the West as we continue to adjust to the changes, requirements and needs of the greater community and create a “new norm,” during this ever-changing time.  We appreciate your supportive partnership and commitment to care.  

It is crucial for HOW to continue to work with our community partners and keep eligible patients out of the hospital and home safely. Together, we will protect patient safety by minimizing contact and decreasing the likelihood of community spread.  We have enabled our nurses, and certified nursing assistants to focus on the needs of COVID-19.  The battle against COVID-19 will be led by our healthcare workers, but the impact will be felt by the elderly and individuals with pre-existing conditions. We must come together to support our patients and partners during this crisis. 

HOW has implemented many processes to support the safety of its staff, partners, and patients throughout the outbreak.  Your care teams are exercising preventative measures and have been provided the necessary equipment to ensure all possible steps are being taken to safeguard your protection from any potential spread of the virus. These processes include daily staff screenings, education on proper PPE utilization, implementation of telehealth option for patients and facilities, telephonic check-ins to manage symptoms, and virtual support for our partners. During this time, HOW wants to ensure all patients and families feel supported in this changing care environment.  If patients and families feel safe and cared for, they are less likely to return to the hospital.  


Our staff:

  • Has been allotted with PPE and instructed to follow CDC guidelines on proper utilization of PPE in order to be responsible users of resources
  • Are trained on the importance of universal precautions
  • Are required to report any recent domestic or international travel, symptoms they are experiencing or illness of any members in their household.  As necessary, staff who fall in certain categories will be subject to specific quarantine periods and must report their temperature and any symptoms daily. 

HOW has:

  • Updated Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • Activated its Emergency Disaster Management Plan to monitor and meet the unique needs of patients


  • HOW has developed a COVID-19 Community Resource Guide
  • Our support service teams are going to offer support groups, 1:1 counseling and community education via Zoom videoconference calls
  • Our support service teams have increased their telephonic outreach to provide emotional support and guidance to patients and their family members/caregivers
  • Palliative Pathways continues to support those admitted into the program