CHAP Accredited

Hospice of the West has received recognition for achieving the Community Health Accreditation Partner’s accreditation under the CHAP hospice Standards of Excellence.

Hospice of the West is one of six hospice’s that has achieved CHAP recognition in the State of Arizona.

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CHAP Certification

Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) is a process, not an event; although while being evaluated, assessed, and inspected, it certainly feels like an event. Preparing for a CHAP Accreditation requires assuring all Policies & Procedures are current and include all of the Medicare guidelines and the State of Arizona Department of Health Services regulations.

An organization, in this case, Hospice of the West, is judged to the highest of standards; and, if these CHAP standards are achieved, the organization becomes Deemed Status. We are proud to announce that Hospice of the West attained our second CHAP Accreditation Deemed Status!

Simply meeting the minimum standard puts an organization in the position of offering care to hospice patients; but, demonstrating performance that voluntarily earned recognition from a nationally recognized body for exceeding the minimum standards improves the structure and function of the organization. CHAP Deemed Status tells everyone that Hospice of the West exceeds minimum standards, and in fact, exceeds these standards in all areas, from record keeping to patient care.

An accreditation survey provides an objective non-biased third-party review to ensure Hospice of the West has policies and procedures compliant with current state and federal regulations, industry standards of practice and care; and, consultation and education by industry experts who can help coach, educate and inspire our organization staff to achieve higher levels of performance.

CHAP accreditation is the assurance that your loved one, programs, or facilities, are receiving the highest quality of care and education. Payers (Medicare, private insurances, and self-payers) recognize CHAP accreditation as a demonstration of superior performance for their clients. As a service provider, Hospice of the West has the advantage of clearly defined and internationally accepted standards to ensure that our services remain among the elite for excellence.

 No leaf was left unturned as preparation for the CHAP Accreditation survey was done by completing a company-wide, fun and informative regulatory boot camp with 100% staff participation!

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