Hospice is a passion – we are driven to provide compassionate, responsible, timely hospice services, always leading with dignity

Service Standards

Caregiver writing notes down while sitting next to a patient that is drinking coffee.


Patient care and quality service are our highest priorities and primary reason for existence. We will be the leader in quality care in each community we serve.


Hospice of the West will respond to referrals immediately, gather patient clinical data to evaluate for hospice eligibility, and if appropriate, admit the patient.


We will provide compassionate, timely, and effective pain and symptom management to patients and offer support to their families, 24 hours a day.


We recognize the special relationship between attending physicians and their patients and we offer to provide those physicians regular patient status reports on any schedule they request.


Telephone calls to our staff will always be answered promptly and politely. Trained staff aims to respond to urgent calls made to our after-hours call service within 15 minutes, 24 hours per day.


We will address patient, family, or physician questions, issues or concerns within 24 hours of the appropriate staff being notified about the issue.


We will care for our patients and their families with the same compassion, dignity and respect we give our own families.


We regularly survey our patients, families, facilities and physicians to ensure we are meeting our service commitment to the people, professionals and communities we serve.

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