Quality Life Care Navigators

Hospice of the West’s team of advance care planning advocates

This Team of Interdisciplinary Professional Care Planning Advocates is comprised of:

  • Social Workers
  • Spiritual Care Coordinators
  • Nurses
  • Community Liaisons
  • Certified Nursing Assistants

These individuals are specially trained and certified to provide education, guidance, tools and resources on advance care planning.

The Individual and Their Support Network

The primary purpose of the Navigators is to extend a helping hand to individuals and their families by empowering them to have meaningful conversations through the shared decision-making process, which can sometimes be complex and difficult as end-of-life approaches.

Guidance and Goal Identification

The goal of the Quality Life Care Navigators is to reach individuals in the community early, so they can discuss their healthcare wishes with their circle of support. The Navigators believe having enriching discussions is beneficial at any point in one’s life. Their goal is to help others experience respectful expression of wishes matched with compassion, active listening and caring action.

The Care Community

Quality Life Care Navigators strive to put advance care planning into practice with healthcare professionals and other advance care planning advocates. They are committed to sharing knowledge and resources with other community providers, strengthening collaborative efforts in order to create a community of engaged individuals having thoughtful conversations on goals of care.

Quality Life Care Navigators commitment to Advance Care Planning Advocacy

  • Strive to ensure shared decision-making by individuals and their circle of support.
  • Help ensure availability and accessibility of advance care planning documents.
  • Provide emotional support to help relieve stress and diminish anxiety.
  • Offer guidance on strategies to help avoid disputes between family members.
  • Collaborate with providers to match treatments to personal wishes.

For more information regarding Advance Care Planning or to speak with one of our Quality Life Care Navigators, please contact us at 602-343-6422.

Comfort Food, Comfort Care

Food connects and comforts people. It nourishes at the beginning of life and at the end of life. The experience of cooking and eating healthy, flavorsome food both develop and bring back special memories. Learning about food, talking about food, enjoying food with loved ones is one way to Live Life to the Fullest.

In 2011, Hospice of the West developed a program to provide the community with education focused on healthy, safe, tasty and smart eating for patients, family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals involved in end-of-life care.

Topics and demonstrations facilitated by Hospice of the West’s Chef, registered dietician and other experts range from:

  • Foods to Boost Brain Health based off of Dr. Marwan Sabbagh’s “The Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook”
  • Eating Well on a Budget
  • Nutrition for the Older Adult
  • Caring for Someone with a Swallowing Disorder
  • Nutrition for Heart Health
  • Fun, finger-friendly nutritious and delicious foods

Palliative Vent Release Program

When artificial life-sustaining measures are no longer desired by the patient and family we will be there to comfort, inform, and care. Through the support of our qualified team, the Palliative Ventilator Release Program assists in progressively weaning the patient off mechanical ventilations, while keeping the patient comfortable with family and loved ones at the bedside.

We recognize withdrawing life support for a loved one is often unprecedented for family members and acknowledge the increase number of patients on ventilators during this COVID-19 pandemic and the increase appreciation for discontinuing respiratory support at home among loved ones. Hospice of the West is able partner with all hospitals and facilities to provide this service.

For more information about Hospice of the West’s Palliative Ventilator Release Program, please call us at 602-353-6422.

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